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The gown you made is the most unbelievably, beautiful gown I have ever owned! It fits me perfectly and just incredible!
I also LOVE the blue hooded cape. Truly incredible! Thank You! Thank you! Everyone I show is in awe of this beautiful creation. I'm so, so glad you have the talent to create this! I LOVE IT!

Victoria, (for Dressing Gown #15 and Wishing Cloak #4)

I wanted to give you the biggest thanks in the world for being an amazing, professional costumer who went above and beyond to make this dress look as amazing as it does. I can not thank you enough for all of your hard work, attention to detail, and your passion for making sure that we find the perfect fabrics and materials to make this happen!

Yalina, (for the Evil Queen ensemble)

I would just like to say how much of a joy it has been
to work with you. You are attentive, professional, and absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for this gorgeous, gorgeous gown. This is absolutely
a dream costume for me and I ADORE it. You completely knocked it out of the park.”

Emily, (Dressing Gown #10)

THANK YOU (!) once again for such wonderful work
on the costume. It is gorgeous beyond words and you
would not believe the compliments I received on it at the con. I consider myself pretty acclimated to the
makeup/costume stuff by now, but every time I passed a mirror I did a double take because the get up just looked so bloody authentic I couldn't handle it.It was surreal, honestly.

Phantom on a Budget, (for her Phantom Tailcoat, Vest, Trousers & Bowtie)

Kaedra! I have it!
I'm in it and I can't stop laughing and ohmigodding,
it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
I feel like an absolute queen in it! Thank you so much!

Lily, (Star Princess #4 Skirt)

This wig is everything I could have hoped for and more! It was packaged securely and traveled beautifully. I received nothing but compliments on it all night! I would 1000% order from Enchanted Sea Studio again. Kaedra was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!!!

Kelsey, (for her classic Christine Daae wig)

I can always rely on Kaedra for exceptionally high quality costumes and the wigs are no exception. I own a lot of wigs of all different colors, styles, and brands, but this wig has the most natural hairline of all the wigs I own. The color is absolutely rich in tone and the wig fibers feel soft without being too shiny. I am so happy to add this wig into my collection! <3

Samantha, (for her Degas Base Wig in Chocolate Brown)

Thank you so much. The cloak is absolutely stunning. It's everything I had hoped for. The material is authentic and very heavy. It is beautifully made.

Gabrielle, (for the Red Riding Hood Cloak from OUAT)

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It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year - (New Stuff, Fall 2018)

It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year - (New Stuff, Fall 2018)

Season of Spoopy ~ Halloween means wigs! wigs! wigs! and a couple lucky commissioners that were able to get costumes in :)
Padmé Meadow "Picnic" Dress: Making Of

Padmé Meadow "Picnic" Dress: Making Of

Everything you ever wanted to know about how the Picnic Dress is made.  And then some. I go into great detail about my own process when doing commissions as well as the construction of this ensemble!

New Additions, Early July

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