Set of 9 Handmade 'Flower' Appliques - Made to Order
Set of 9 Handmade 'Flower' Appliques - Made to Order
Set of 9 Handmade 'Flower' Appliques - Made to Order
Set of 9 Handmade 'Flower' Appliques - Made to Order
Set of 9 Handmade 'Flower' Appliques - Made to Order

Set of 9 Handmade 'Flower' Appliques - Made to Order

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Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for production. Please read this entire listing before purchasing.

Sold as a set of 9.

We highly suggest sending your own fabric for the embroidery as it'll match your project.  If not, we'll use what we have in stock.  There's no discount for sending your own fabric, just the benefit of having a perfect match to your project's velvet. We can help you estimate what yardage you'll need for how many appliques.  Please let us know in the order notes if you'll send fabric and we'll give you a shipping address.  We can return any unused fabric.



These appliques are made from scratch and take hours of labor - here is the process we go through to make these come to fruition!
  1. Designing the embroidery file(s)
  2. Shopping for thread, fabric, stabilizers
  3. Setting up the embroidery machine with the proper foots, hoops, & needles
  4. Cutting and fusing interfacing to the fabric
  5. Stretching fabric in the embroidery hoop and lining it up
  6. Embroidering the design; changing threads; sending different design blocks for the machine to embroider
  7. Cutting all threads on top and below
  8. Removing interfacing, whether tear-away, wash away, or cut-away
  9. Fray Checking the edges of the appliques
  10. Cutting out the appliques
  11. Photographing them for your approval
  12. Packing & sending them back to you!

Some of these steps are repeated with how many thread colors are used for a particular design.  All of this factors into pricing.



This is a custom project and there are NO returns and NO cancellations.



Approximate size is shown in images but we can embroidery smaller or larger, just let us know the exact dimensions you want for each applique.



We can use a more budget-friendly matte cotton thread, or a premium satin embroidery thread.  We can use metallic thread and pretty much any specialty thread you like.  You can send the exact thread if you'd like to, or you can send us color swatches to match.  Since digital screens vary, it's best to send color swatches in real life, or to go into a store and record the brand and thread # of a color you want, if you'd like it that specific.  We can then go to the store and match the color.


Any questions? Just ask!