SALE Resin Angels - Limited Supply
SALE Resin Angels - Limited Supply
SALE Resin Angels - Limited Supply

SALE Resin Angels - Limited Supply

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Lovely casts of antique bronze originals.  Made from Resin, Sandable Primer, Acrylic Paint, Metallic Paint, and Clear Coat Finish.  Painted to look like antiqued bronze. 

I’m not a master mold maker or caster but I do try to make things look as nice as possible.  As these are all handmade and painted so there will be minor imperfections.  I take good closeup photos so you can see exactly what you get.

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.Photos are an example of the product.
The listing is for the PAIR.  You get one of each side.

Pricing: why so expensive?
Here are the steps involved in making these pieces.

It begins with a mold, that only has to be done once, but takes an initial investment in time and money.  A silicone mold is made after prepping the original angels with a sealant and a release agent.  Silicone parts are mixed and poured over the angels, cured, and a mold is made.

To run each angel in resin: parts A and B of Resin are individually mixed.  Then both parts are thoroughly mixed together and poured into the mold.  After curing a few hours, they are taken out.  The angels are then sanded and any imperfections or edges are scraped away with a knife.

After this, they need a primer to have paint be able to stick to them.  Putting paint directly on resin doesn’t work well.  I use a quality sandable primer and let it dry.  Then, I paint the front of the angels with black.  After this dries, I dry brush gold on top.  This technique adds dimension and contrast rather than just painting the angels a flat gold.  It brings out the detail and makes them look more like bronze - the original angels’ material.  After the gold dries, I spray them with a clear coat to seal in the color and protect them.

Please note that the backs are unfinished.  Generally people use these to decorate things on a flat surface, so the backs are never seen :)

Silicones, resins, other molding materials and equipment are quite pricey - so these little angels, in addition to labor, cost me a lot to make.  But as far as I know, I’m the only place that supplies them, and I think they’re a pretty fair price for something so rare!


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