NEW! Rentals

Rentals are great for:

--Photo shoots
--Theatrical Performances
--Just for Fun


1. You will be asked to sign a contract.
2. A deposit is required up front. After the item is returned you will be refunded minus the rental fee.
3. Rentals are for 7 days.
4. When posting a photo on any platform, Enchanted Sea Studio must be credited or linked in the description.
5. If the rental is clothing, you can have the item dry-cleaned (proof of a receipt will be required) or pay an extra $25 for us to handle the cleaning for you (we can deduct it from your refund).
6. Items must be sent back with USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground with tracking and insurance for the amount of your deposit. (Hint: save the materials/box the items came in so you can re-use!)
7. We understand accidents happen - if a repair is needed, the cost of labor and materials will be deducted from your refund.  Some repairs are minor/cheap, and some are major/expensive, so please take care of your rental as best as possible.
8. Your refund will be sent after Enchanted Sea has inspected the item and determined no repairs are needed.  If a repair is needed, the refund will be sent after the repair is completed so we know the correct amount to deduct.
9. If you use an item in a photo shoot, Enchanted Sea will be allowed to share the images for free and use them on our website.  We will, of course, credit both model and photographer if they wish! Just send us their names.
10. Have fun and be creative!
Please e-mail enchantedseastudio [AT] gmail [DOT] com and we will talk about more specific details and answer any questions you may have.

Lady Equality


 Dragonfly Faerie/Nymph


Check back soon for more!