Lingerie & Intimates Pricing

Such a small and simple garment, such a high price, right?  When I started learning how to make intimates and lingerie, I learned that small & simple doesn't necessarily mean less hours and labor.  In fact, it sometimes takes more time -- because when something is simple, you have to be extra careful to make it look cleaner.  You can't cover up mistakes.

And with stretch garments, you have to reinforce areas with specific stitches and needles... not everything can be serged in these garments like you would in standard clothing.

It's amazing the labor that goes into just one item.  The bra in this set takes about 2 hours from cutting the materials to finishing it up.  There is a lot of pinning and careful stitching.  The panties take about 1 to 1.5 hours from start to finish.

I don't have an assembly line or special machines.  I use one machine, and one serger... change thread colors & needles multiple times for one garment.  These are truly hand-crafted and couture.

I haven't even mentioned the materials yet: Such small garments!  But the edges actually take quite a lot more foldover elastic or trimmings than one might think.  For the small panties you need 2 to 3 yards of trimmings; for the bra, 3 to 4 yards just of foldover elastic.  Then there are linings, embellishments, hooks or loops for adjusting straps... it all adds up.  And a lot of this stuff can't be bought at any local store, so throw in online shipping costs from multiple retailers.

Finally, I make these in small batches.  I'm not ordering 1000 yards of one color of fold-over elastic at a discount; I have to pay for a little bit here, a little bit there, have multiple colors...  As for fabric, many stores won't let you buy less than 1-2 yard(s) online.  So there's a lot that goes into these little intimates!

I'm actually selling these slightly discounted as I make new stuff & crank out things in various sizes.  But if I am commissioned for something specific, the pricing will be slightly higher.  If you see something you like, feel free to fill out the commission form (use the top menu) and we'll talk about pricing.