FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will the wig fit my head?

Most of our wigs are standard sizes and will fit most heads with correct wig prep.  You can contact us with your head circumference if you are concerned about fit. 

Our Classic Degas' are a very comfy, ever-so-slighly larger than a standard size.  Our New/Improved Valentino wigs are made from a larger cap as men tend to order that style more often.

Each cap can expand, because it is elastic.  It can also contract, via straps that make it tighter and fit into loops in the back, like most wigs have.


I don't know anything about lace front wigs, but I like how realistic they look.  Are they easy to use?

Yes!  And included with our base wigs is an instruction booklet we wrote, geared towards beginners.  It even has color photos throughout.  It covers all the beginner questions you may have, from: what do I do when I first get the wig?  How should I trim the lace?  What are the different ways to prep my head/hair for the wig?  How do I put the wig on?  What are different ways to adhere the lace?  How do I take the wig off?  How do I clean the lace / spruce up the styling?  How do I store the wig?  What are some helpful styling tools/products I might want? etc.

For our styled wigs, make sure you add-on the basic kit to get this instruction booklet.  Some of our styled wigs have specific parts in the booklets with tips geared to keep that wig in tip-top shape. (We'd like to include all this information in a single packet, but it would turn into a book! ... which might happen one day.)


What happens if I use my (base) wig a lot and it needs sprucing up? Or washed?

Check the instruction booklet for tips on how to spruce up styling. 

If you need a quick clean for the inside, you can always spritz it with isopropyl alcohol.  Lace is cleaned with isopropyl alcohol as well.

As for washing, it can be done with shampoo - but with a gentler technique than you are used to.  Search Google for great tutorials on how to wash your wigs. 


What happens if I use my (styled) wig a lot and it needs sprucing up? Or washed?

Complete Wash, Detangle, & Restyling Service:

While my styled wigs are made to last through many uses, all wigs eventually need restyled if worn very often or many times over the years. If you’d like to have your wig restyled, I offer that service.

After shipping the wig to me, I unstyle it, shampoo & condition it, clean the lace (if applicable), detangle it, dry it, straighten it, set the curlers, bake in the style, remove the curlers, and restyle.

Pricing info: due to the shampooing and detangling, there are more labor hours involved that just styling a brand new straight wig. But it’s nice to not have to buy another wig yet still keep it clean and styled perfectly.

We will ONLY wash & restyle a wig you originally purchased from Enchanted Sea. This way we know the fibers, what they can withstand, and how to style it, etc. In addition some of our styled wigs are cut certain ways or with layers to aid in styling.