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Emerald & Ruby Gold Tiara
Our client wanted a tiara that was similar to our Broadway-inspired Christine Daae tiara, with a few different changes to match her own costume. These included keeping the filigree and top and bottom band that make up the base, but getting rid of the very tall front oval piece. She also liked the Aussie versions, so I came up with a similar design in the front area. Finally, her fabrics are darker ruby and emerald, so I looked for the darkest glass crystal gems I could find. In fact, the dark red crystals in the front and all along the sides are antique pieces! I build my crowns on a custom made metal base and then wrap that based in metallic fabric ribbon. This allows me to stitch the filigree on by hand with thread, rather than solely relying on glue. This makes an extremely strong/flexible piece. The crystal gems and rhinestones are then applied with industrial-strength glue.

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